Thursday, April 7, 2016

Miniature Handmade Gift

Handmade /craft it yourself a gift present to your love ones.  Image how excited they are when they saw your handmade miniature master piece , one and only one in the world present from you. I conduct lessons for people who like to make their own presents but have a little time and materials on hands, choose your design and Just spend  2 hrs with me ( group or private lesson) and you will bring back your own handmade art piece back home.

If you really do not have time , I can custom made any design you want just from $10 onward, for the following cute little animals and wording is just only $15 per piece (with mini glass mug and decoration+$5)

              You can choose your or your love one's favourite animals/food/figurines , do it yourself ! 

Or, you can handmade his/her favourite food into a miniature size and with your massage written on a mini handmade card as a gift for all occasions,  and keep it forever and ever.  J made his BF's favourite food , pasta as a birthday present for his birthday surprise. 

Or, come together and do it for each other. All lessons will be  conducted at 24 pagoda street,
 Kin's Miniature Workshop.

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