Friday, November 15, 2013

Just 1 Miniature Clay Class

Thanks to those who commented on my posts and I am sorry did't reply you immediately . Thank you for all your support.  Six months ago I started conducting 1 lesson on Miniature clay food/wawa making classes for those who have limited time and want to make their own master pieces. Please visit   for more information. Below show some of the items that made by my students.


If your are new to this type of craft art, do not worry, below show one of my student, started from basic course, intermediate, and now finishing her advance course. She knows nothing on this art but because she is so interested in miniature stuffs so she learned from the basic.

She did this miniature ancient kitchen recently during her advance level lesson, she works from Mon to Friday and comes to my lesson on Sat or Sunday, she is very creative and capable person and have lots of ideas... and we are planning to "make out" these ideas one day in our future lessons and She is at the age of 65+ .

When teaching to my students, I also learn from them and I have a lot of fun during the lesson! Thank you!

Mary's Kitchen, she finished this clay ancient kitchen in 2 lessons.

I teach in 1 to 1 basis ,so from basic , step by step, you can make it too !

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