Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Family Bonding

Family Bonding time is time the family spends together meaningfully.   Last week I spent a couple of hours with Kavita and her family do the miniature food : cakes & desserts. During this designated time , they interacted with each other helping each other  to make a nice and great master piece together.  We had a wonderful morning.

Kavita and her family

                                     Ashana and Trishan, every happy with their master pieces. 

They did the Tsum Tsum characters during the 2nd lesson. 

These are their favourite Tsum Tsum characters. 

They did very well as you can see,  the smallest vision was done by me. 


These are their fake food making lesson: cake & desserts,   These size are much more smaller  than figurines and is also more difficult. 

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