Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hands-On Workshop

Below shown some miniature clay figurines that students  done at my workshop. They wished to handmade themselves  with their own ideas and designs.  As long as not that difficult for beginners I will help them and let  them craft their ideals figurines/designs themselves. Come to my workshop and craft it yourself and have FUN !

J crafted this big dog herself  as a cake topper for her pet's birthday cake . This was her first time at my workshop. 

The couples crafted their favourite cartoon characters. 

This 3 layers cake was handcrafted by Jerene , her husband and her 4 years old daughter.

As requested , teach the public how to make the pikachu and charmender 

As requested , the young teenagers wished to make totolo figurines 

Another cartoon character : nemo

Hands-on workshop : make their miniature favourite tsum tsum characters and cakes

So sweet! with their handmade miniature layer cake

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