Monday, August 18, 2014

Miniature Oyster Mee Sua & Kong Ba Pau

Have you ever seen a miniature oyster mee sua? recently due to request , I made this mini fake oyster together with the mee sua.  I myself quite satisfied with this mini oyster mee sua, what about you?  also due to request, I have done this mini kong ba pau too. ( pork slices with steamed buns)

My handmade miniature oyster mee sau ,kong ba pau , chicken rice and coffee 

                              My handmade miniature oyster mee sau and kong ba pau 

Miniature oyster mee sua 

Miniature kong bak pau (  pork slices with steamed bun)

Miniature oyster, the size is about 1 cm 

This is a 20 cent coin plate with mini kong bak pau and veggie 

Miniature steamed chicken rice with cucumber, tomato , black sauce and chilli 

I make the cup with coffee, as requested to make the cup in bigger size . 

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