Saturday, August 5, 2017

Miniature Japanese Bento Set Meal

Miniature/Mini/Small Japanese bento set meal is one of my favourite miniature food item that I like to make , in real life , Japanese bento set meal is also one of my favourite food .  Below are some of my handmade miniature Japanese bento set meal with different combinations. All of the miniature/mini/small food items are made of CLAY, all are handmade one by one.

Miniature Japanese Bento Set Meal: this one with tempura ebi (fried prawn) 

My handmade Japanese Food: 
You can have different combination: rice with sushi, tempura, sashimi , fried chicken, salmon, and sweet Japanese dessert like wagashi etc. to form a bento set. 

The size is really small and it is a great challenge if you like miniature size of food. 

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