Monday, April 25, 2011

My mini dim sum world.

These mini handmade clay foods : dim sum, the size of it, is as small as a five cent coin, the first time I made so many dishes at one time.The miniature steamer is really very small, so the food inside must also small.

These miniature clay food cannot be eaten! It is good to look at..

                 These are my handmade miniature clay dim sum, not for eating! Just for display.

                                     These miniature dim sum sizes are just as small as a 20cent coin.

                Which miniature dim sum do you like most?  I like all of them!

             The size of the mini streamer is about the size of a five cent coin. very very small!

                      I handmade this miniature dim sum container /steamer.

See, how small they are!

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