Friday, October 28, 2011

Miniature curry chicken noodles

Singapore food reflects the very best of our multicultural island. For example, this curry chicken noodles. Curry is belong to Malay cuisine and chicken noodles is belong to Chinese cuisine. They mixed  very well with each other and form a delicious dish! 

I have made this miniature curry chicken  noodles recently. Those who have already learned how to make miniature curry and miniature chicken rice during the lesson can try to make this dish too. Very simple and easy.
I have added a basket of breads to it.Hope you like it!

                               This is my handmade miniature clay food: curry chicken noodles.

I have also added a mini clay basket with my handmade miniature clay breads to go with the curry noodles.Make a pair of wooden chock-sticks and place them on a mini tray. Looks yummy......

I used the mini bowl is about 5 cm in diameter

The difficult part is the fake curry.

Cut the miniature clay bread into half..

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