Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miniature Ice Kachang

In Singapore if you want to have a dessert, there are so many variety to choose. You can either want it cold or hot, sticky or clear, ,wobbly or firm, or choose something colorful . I have made this colorful local dessert Ice Kachang into miniature size. Hope you like it!

Beside the miniature Ice Kachang is another local dessert: Tau Suan (豆爽)

Miniaturea  Ice kachang: a mountain of shaved ice dessert with milk, syrup, fruits and beans.

I love to eat the sweet corn on top of the Ice kachang, so I made the miniature  sweet corn too. I have put the fruit , jelly and red beans at the side of the miniature ice kachang.

PS: you can learn this local dessert when you reach Advance level.

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