Friday, December 16, 2011

Mini Christmas Tree

One of the reason I like Christmas Day is because of the Christmas Tree. It is just a simple tree and when Christmas season comes, this tree has turned into different types of "tree". During this time, I will go around the shopping malls in Singapore to search for these beautiful trees.

I have made this mini simple Christmas Tree. FYI, I used the soft clay to make the tree below, it is more easier than using  other types of clay

These are the steps that I make this mini Christmas tree: 
1. row the clay into a cone shape
2. use scissors and cut the e.dge
         3. use micro beads to decorate the tree.
             4. use white soft clay to make some snow.

    Hold the tree like this (picture below) and cut all the edges, so all the pointed leaves will stand up nicely.

              If you touch the leaf before it dried up, it will look like this. (picture above)

This mini 2D Christmas tree was made last year.

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