Monday, February 18, 2013

Play Dough (4)

Look at these miniature cakes that made by my senior citizen students (average age 65+ the oldest is 85). I have been teaching them since 2011, I am so glad that they are improving every time I see them. I am so proud of them . Let's give a big clap to them!

I made a small table to place all these beautiful miniature cakes.

That is nothing you cannot do, these beautiful miniature cakes are done by all the A ma below.(except me lah! on the right behind)

These miniature breads also done by these senior students. Very Beautiful!

Do you still remember the A ma standing at the second row with a glasses? She is going to 86 this year . she got a stroke last year but she came back to class again when she can walk again. Thank you A ma. At the first row on the left, she is 83, and on the right , she is 80. 

PS: If you are interested in learning, and your are a elderly resident at Haig Road area, you  can register with Geylang serai CC Friends of the third age. It is free for senior citizens.

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