Monday, February 4, 2013

Miniature Luxury Food - Abalone

Chinese New Year is coming soon, what do your family going to have for reunion dinner/lunch? What about some things different ? Mine is a table of miniature  abalone,with veggie, mushroom and noodles.  Of course just for looking as they are my handmade clay food only!  hope you can join  me!!

These are my handmade miniature abalone dishes, hope you like it.

I always find that abalone look very pretty with broccoli .(Left) So I made many miniature broccoli to match my miniature abalone.   I also added 2 pieces of small mushroom.

You will learn how to make miniature abalone in my intermediate miniature clay food courses.

I like the miniature broccoli ( ya, take me some time to make it)  

My handmade miniature clay food:  abalone with mushroom and veggie.  (this plate is larger in size)

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