Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Miniature Dream Dollhouse

I have reconstructed this mini wooden country mansion into my own  Miniature Dollhouse from a construction  kit (this is a simple kit that you can join all parts together so you can save a lot of time from cutting all the wood)

 In order to turn this simple wooden mansion into the one you see below, (dollhouse) I took few days to finish it. I have not finish the interior part of my mini mansion/dollhouse yet. It will take about a week to make those mini tables and chairs and other interesting miniature items.

 I did all the wall painting and flooring first before I joined them altogether and then I draw out the interior design etc .

This is the front door of my handmade miniature wooden doll house. The window is not yet finished as I would like to add some miniature flowers and plants.

This is the back of my handmade miniature wooden doll house. I can play with my handmade miniature chibko easily with a open area.

I made a mini garden for the miniature mansion too.  Can you see the reflection of the little boy? This is because I made the glass window for the mansion and the curtains too.

This is the roof top view of the my miniature doll house. One side is written "Kin" the other side is "Rainbow". I did not joint the roof firmly to the body of the house so you can remove them anytime.

PS: the original piece of wood is smooth surface, but I made them into rough surface and painted them dark red.

When I remove the roof , the internal  part can be seen and you can play with the miniature dolls. My miniature tables and chairs are not added in yet.

I made the flooring inside and outside. Do you like my handmade poodle  dog?

Let's play together! Have fun at Rainbow Doll House : by Kin

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