Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making Miniature Push Cart

Connie . She is one of my student from the Advance level. came to me yesterday and together we make a very nice miniature push cart as shown below, we used about 6 hours to finish the whole cart but you can see it not finish yet. We are going to add the fake oil into the Chinese cooking pan in the next lesson.

From the top view of the miniature push cart.  Fake oil will be added to the Chinese cooking pan soon

We have added the fake oil and 油条 into the Chinese cooking pot. (updated on 23rd Mar)

These are the miniature food that this push cart selling.

                               From the side view of the wooden miniature push cart. 

Compare to my miniature push cart I did before, hers is much bigger. (see below)

Mine is smaller so I did not put the Chinese frying pan.  

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