Thursday, March 28, 2013

Singaporean Breakfast (1)

Recently I have made some Singaporean breakfast but all cannot be eaten as they are  made of Clay !

 Which one is your daily local breakfast? Not in the list, never mind   may be next time I will make the one you like or you can write to me and tell me.

So, What you see below is not for eating, just for display! They are my handmade clay food models.
Just for fun!

Which is your favourite local  breakfast? I will make a set of kaya toast with eggs and coffee next time .Oh! I have forgotten to put the dark sauce into my eggs.!

My favourite Singapore style breakfast is Mee Poh dried.

My handmade Clay Pao (bun) is just for display only.  Do you like my handmade clay chwee kueh?

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