Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miniature Fruit Basket

Making miniature fruits is actually very challenging , especially making the miniature durian and grapes.
These two items really take up a lot of time. I used about 2 hrs (that's why I seldom make miniature durian) to finish the durian showed below..

Apples, oranges, banana, kiwi, these are very good miniature fruits that go well with the basket

I made the miniature clay melon so that the mini basket looks more colourful

The mini thorn is so difficult to stick onto the body of the durian, especially it is so small!  I need more practice in order to make those thorns look straight on the body.

As most of the fruits are orange and yellow in colour so adding some other colours like red, green will make the whole basket look nicer.

My handmade miniature apples, oranges , banana and mango

                                  Below showed some of my custom made miniature fruits.

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