Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Pig Trotters & Mini Braised Pork

This is a custom order from someone who love pig trotters, I really love this piece of art work as I think I made quite successfully. It is not that difficult that I think it was , but as there are so small and mini , a bit difficult when holding it. .... keep dropping and redo many times!!
I also made the braised pork with a  half cut egg .

My handmade mini clay Pig trotters 

The size of bowl is about 50 cent coin. I put 2 braised eggs into it. 

I do not make the whole pig trotter as we do not eat it like that... this version seen good for food

See.. how mini the pig trotters are !

My mini clay  braised pork , This is a 20 cent coin size of scale.  

Accidentally made my bowl dirty ........  =-_-= as the eggs are so small , it is very easy to get damaged or dirty once your are careless ... and if you dropped on the floor , I think you must remake another one as they are so small , you may not find them so easily 

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