Friday, March 7, 2014

New series of my Breadtalk

Stylish and delicious! My handmade miniature bread! Making a nice and delicious miniature bread is actually not that easy as colouring or highlighting on a mini clay need practise and  practise.

Displaying these irregular shapes of bread into a basket or plate is also quite difficult for beginners as sometimes the size/shape does not match well when putting them together.

PS: I have tried many times to put them nicely into the basket and finally I decided to put them into 2 containers. 

My handmade miniature clay bread.

I used a basket and a wooden box to place all my miniature bread. 

From the top view of my mini bread

Before arranging. I made different sizes of bread just in case I may need a smaller piece of bread to fill the basket nicely.  I forgot to fill the fruit into the flower -look bread !

Hope you like my miniature bread. 

You can sign up 1 lesson on bread :
or my intermediate miniature course. (4 basic lessons needed ) 

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