Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miniature Chicken Rice

One of our local delights : chicken rice, is also one of my favourite food. For a long time, I didn't make miniature chicken rice (too many other food wanted to make) and recently I made these two mini chicken rice  in different scale.

My handmade miniature fake food:  roasted chicken rice 

Singapore's beloved chicken rice in miniature form. 

From the back view of the plates.  I made the black sauce, ginger and chilli for my chicken rice , without them chicken rice is not a chicken rice

If you look carefully, the super mini rice that I made is different  in both my miniature chicken rice.

As this is the bigger version ( 3 times bigger than  the smaller one) so I added some bean sprouts and make a bigger black sauce and ginger .

This size is slightly bigger than a 20 cent coin. 

Look for supper mini sauce bowl to match this size is very difficult , so sometimes you need to make your own bowl. 

My handmade miniature chicken rice. 

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