Friday, June 13, 2014

Singapore Local Breakfast: Fried Beehoon

What do you usually eat in the morning? I made this miniature fried beehoon because I think most of  the  Singaporeans will choose the fried beehoon with different side orders such as , fried egg, hot dog, fried chicken wing for their morning breakfast. I love fried beehoon too.

My handmade miniature local food: fried beehoon

with a sunny side up egg, chicken wing, hot dog , fish cake, spring row and a cup of milo
or kopi-O, brighten your whole day ! One of my favourite food!

Have a cup of milo or tea? and a plate of beehoon with your favourite chicken wing? These are all fake food: not for eating , I used clay to make all of them.  

The fake miniature beehoon needs your fully concentration and patience 

My handmade miniature fake food : fried beehoon

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