Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Miniature Fried Rice

This miniature fried rice with fried egg and pork chop was done quite sometimes ago but it still look good (fresh) , as long as you keep them properly, most of the handmade miniature items can last for years ...

My handmade miniature fake  fried rice with fake pork chop and egg

There are many ways of making fake rice, but I always love to make them one by one... and to make  the miniature fake pork or chicken chop looks crispy.....you need to come for lesson and hands on....

This is a 1: 8 scale miniature size, I seldom make this size unless requested because to me this size is a bit too big for collection. And because it is big, everything you see must be very perfect and extremely detailed,  but it is also easier to make as it is big!

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