Thursday, January 15, 2015

Miniature Ice Cream/ Sundae

To make a miniature Ice cream sundae is a bit difficult for a beginner, as to squeeze the whipped cream nicely out from a tube or tool need a lot of practice.  I have wasted a lot of fake cream when  practicing to squeeze the cream nicely.

Below is my handmade miniature fake ice cream sundae, hope you like it.

My handmade miniature ice cream sundae 

close look at my handmade fake ice cream sundae, the chocolate sauce is done by me and it looks so real and delicious........ 

The plastic mini glass is about 7 cm in height. 

I added 3  different colours of layer  of ice cream and some chocolate sauce (all are fake)   and then I squeezed in the fake whipped cream and put  my handmade mini strawberry to decorate it. You can also add in your favourite fruits like kiwi, banana or biscuits/cookies.  

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