Sunday, July 4, 2021

Handmade Miniature Stall: Lu Rou Fan 鲁肉饭

 This is a custom made miniature Lu rou fan stall. I use plywood to make the 2 mini stalls. All the food are made from clay . other materials such as fake water for sauce and bottle from plastic etc. 

I really like this cute mini stall , I only make my items 1 by 1 and and redo them if I find them not suitable or no good, that is why I take some time to make 1 item.  

I will keep the item that I made with me for a period before I send them off (to clients) as I will not have chances to see them again. 

Handmade Miniature Lu Rou Fan Store/Stall

My handmade street stall : mini lu rou fan stall.

Thinking what to make, how to make and searching for materials take up most of the time to complete the stall.

Can you guess what is the bottle I use for my sauce?

I also handmade my signboard writing it in Chinese character as this is the famous food in Taiwan .

Without the base, you can hold and move the mini stall and the stool that I handmade.  

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