Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Miniature Ice Cream Sundaes

Do you like Ice Cream Sundae?  Oh, I love ice cream sundaes so much, that's why when I started to make these miniature ice cream sundaes I just can't stop making them!  Have a cup of sundae is really a very enjoying and happy thing do when the weather is hot! hot! hot! 

My handmade miniature fake ice cream sundaes

Very colorful and delicious fake ice cream sundae! yummy ! for just 1 lesson, You can learn how to make this delicious  sundae and bring back hone. please go to :

with different container/ glass/bowl, the miniature ice cream sundae give you different effect of feeling too!

I usually handmade my fake topping, eg ,biscuit, chocolate,   the fruits like strawberry, kiwi, mango etc,  

This size of this  miniature sundae is slightly bigger than the normal size I used to make . 

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