Monday, June 22, 2015

Miniature Kueh! Kueh! Kueh!

I love to handmade miniature kueh not only because I love to eat but also because of the beautiful colour of the kuehs. the colours   are so rich and vibrant and I always impressed by these beautiful colors.
Although Miniature food look so small and mini  but to make a good plate of a miniature food and look real, you really need to  concentrate and be patient  on your art work .

with love and passion , step by step,  we can do everything good.

A plate of my handmade favorite miniature kueh with my love and passion in it.

my handmade miniature kueh, dim sum and breads

Which miniature plate  do you like?

on the left hand size is a plate of miniature dim sum 

my handmade miniature breads on a  handmade mini box

I used a toothpick to show you the scale of my hanmdade miniature food, 

My handmade miniature nonya kueh , egg tarts and kueh tutu 

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