Monday, June 29, 2015

Miniature Totolo

These cute little miniature totolo was handmade recently. They are really cute and I was requested to teach them (my students)  how to make it. To show them a sample,  I quickly  finished all these mini totolo in about 30 mins and try to get the easiest way to teach them,  so what you see here (the totolo) is not really in a good condition but they still look cute.

My handmade miniature totolo . Oh!, I did not make the whiskers nicely. 

The one in the center is about 6 cm in height. 

Which miniature totolo do you like? the whiskers on the right are too thick! I finished them all in 30 mins , a bit rush , so is not in a very good condition.

I love them both, hello totolo!

my handmade miniature grey totolo 

My handmade miniature totolo, this one took me less than 10 mins to finish. 

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