Sunday, August 2, 2015

Miniature wedding cake

Handmade your own wedding cake but in a miniature size? Together with your love one /husband/wife  and make this a very special cake in your whole life. keep it forever and ever!  Just a lesson , you will bring  your handmade master piece back home.  Or send your wedding cake photo to me, together we can make this dream cake comes true.

my handmade miniature wedding couple and their mini wedding cake

You can have your own design wedding cake

The wedding couple (1 lesson)  and  the miniature wedding cake ( 1 lesson) 

Miniature Self image wedding couple 

Miniature wedding couple 

This miniature wedding is super small as I handmade them and place it on top of a miniature wedding cake. (see below) 

                                                          My handmade miniature wedding cake

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