Friday, July 15, 2016

Miniature Courses for all ages.

 Life is a never ending learning process. Learning should not be limited and end, learn what you are interested and love what you have learned.

I self-ed learned this miniature clay art since 2005 and since started I love it so much and never stop .  I self taught myself this miniature art and now I can share my experience with others. There are always new things to learn 活到老学到老。Learn something new everyday.

One must always keep the path open for new experiences. Always be willing to learn new things and discover your hidden gifted talents . Set new goals and be open-minded, gain new experiences and let them lead you to be a better person and joyful life.  Happy Learning!


            Couples                                                                                                                     Sisters


           Couples                                                                                                               young boy                                

mother and son


                Friends                                                                                                          husband and wife



Look at their happy and satisfactory faces ! Because these beautiful art pieces are  HANDMADE by themselves. ! The one and only one piece in the world!  You never know what's going to look like until you make them.  Maybe for the first time is not so nice but I am sure they enjoyed the process of making them and get better on the next piece. When I see them happy , I am happy! I may not remember all their names but when I see the photos that I had taken I can recall back the happy moment and joy we shared. 

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