Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Miniature Wawa (doll)

Last week, my student and I spent a few hours in making these lovely and cute wawa (娃娃) dolls. We made a funny face instead of smiling face for both dolls. After finished making , she said her wawa is mother and mine is daughter, what do you think?  Both are cute, I love it!

I  handmade this cute little miniature wawa during the lesson.

A funny face was made on the face of the miniature wawa/doll

behind was done by my student. mother or sisiter? the ribbons look different because I used different type of materials to make. 

just add in some cute and mini little items to make the wawa/doll looks more adorable. 

                                                   My handmade miniature wawa (front)  

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