Monday, August 29, 2016

Miniature Farm Village (2)

Continue to my last blog,  this time I want to show you the 2nd piece of the miniature village farm.  I made an old man and lady sitting in front of their farm having some tea. beside is a small mini storage house.  There are many mini dogs and cats running around.

My handmade miniature farm village 

Ah Gong and Ah Ma having tea at their farm side.

Miniature old storage house , in front of it are some dogs and cats . Everything here you see is made of clay except the basket .  

My handmade miniature dogs , some are sleeping. 

Side view of the mini house 

These are the miniature animals: (ducks, hens and pigs ) that I have made.

I handmade the wooden table and put some handmade fruits on top. 

This is the whole view of the farm village,  The photo is not clear as I have to take from a very far distance in order to see everything . 

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