Monday, October 3, 2016

Miniature Table of Sushi

 Miniature Japanese food is one of my popular course among all the making fake food series.  To make a plate of sushi shown below take longer time than other food as more artwork is needed when making fake sushi.

My handmade miniature sushi and sashimi 

(Below) These customized design miniature sushi were done 2 weeks ago by request.  4 types of miniature sushi on a handmade wooden table.  The colour of the sushi is bright and vibrant , the spring onion on top was also done by request.

customized design of  miniature sushi 

My handmade miniature table and sushi 

packed and ready to go!

Miniature sushi: salmon, egg, squid and tuna on a handmade table with a pair of chopsticks. 

You will learn how to make this 4 types of sushi at my 1 session Japanese sushi lesson.( this one was done by my student)

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