Monday, January 23, 2017

Miniature Pineapples & Oranges

My special promotion lesson  for Chinese New Year was conducted yesterday,  the students were happy with their master pieces.  We did a plate of miniature pineapple with 8 oranges and a pair of chicken for decoration.

Special lesson for CNY: handmade miniature pineapple and oranges together with a pair of chicken

This was the first time students learned how to make figurines and food together at my workshop , as they learned 2 types of skill at 1 lesson is not that easy especially for the first time beginners. 

Vara and Yen  were happy with their handmade miniature food and figurines they did yesterday,

Do not feel sorry or sad when you did wrong with your art piece , you can always do it better the next time and you learn from your mistake. Love your art work as they are  handmade by YOU!

They did just as good as me! Well Done!

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