Thursday, January 26, 2017

Year of Rooster

恭喜 ! 恭喜 ! 祝大家新年快乐, 身体健康,笑口长开, 吉祥如意!鸡年行大运!
Happy Lunar New Year!

These are my handmade miniature chickens and roosters to celebrate the Year of Rooster!

These are all my handmade miniature chicken and roosters using air dry clay.

I like to make animals and human figurines because I can make whatever expressions I want! It is so fun that you can make a chicken looks sad , happy, worry , angry different emotions you can think of!

Miniature chickens and roosters

I handmade a farm garden and placed all my handmade chickens on top together with my handmade one and only one fortune God at the side. 

"Happy New Year! 五福临门 "

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