Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Miniature Set Meal

The mini metal tray is really small and cute, so when I put all my handmade miniature food on top, they really look like real! Below are my recently handmade miniature set meals: chwee kueh, chee cheong fun, fish ball noddles, kong ba bao, dim sum, nonya kuehs, chicken drumstick, kaya toast set and coffee and tea.

Miniature set meal: chee cheong fun, chwee kueh ,kong ba bao with coffee and tea

Miniature set meal: inside the mini bento box are the char siew, roasted meat etc. with chee cheong fun and bao. 

Miniature set meal: Dim sum siew mian + bao and nonya kuehs, all the kuehs are handmade without using any mould.

Miniature kaya toast set 

These are my handmade miniature set meals. you can customized your set meal , I sell them at 24 pagoda street, near chinatown Mrt exit A
Kinsminiature .com

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