Friday, July 22, 2011

Featured on TV MediaCorp Studios (黄金年华光辉岁月)22nd Jul 2011

I was interviewed on camera for my first time in my life  on TV. I was nervous but happy to share my miniature clay art to all of you. My two students were also featured on the show. They looked great and have confidence when making the miniatures.
I was not ready (never think of) to be interviewed by local TV and one day I received an email from the research writer of MediaCorp Chinese Entertainment Productions, asking me whether I can teach how to make the miniature food on the programme (黄金年华光辉岁月)and I agreed.

Being interviewed on television is so much different being interviewed on other medias. I was nervous but enjoyed having fun with actress 向云 and actor 周初明 and others (cameramen, producer, Jye Shan and others)  Many Thanks to them!
The show was appeared on 22nd July 2011 2pm channel 8 and will repeat again on 30th July , 1230pm 

Below are some of the pictures we taken that day.

together with 向云 and  周初明 

向云 and 周初明 are learning to made the Korean rice

Above video showed some of my handmade miniature food.

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