Monday, July 18, 2011

1st miniature mee poh

I think I am the first one who make the miniature mee poh in Singapore( If I am wrong, I am sorry for that) because before I started to make the miniature mee poh, I have searched for it for quite a long time but couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own miniature  mee poh.

Below is the the first student who learned it from me, she is the 1st student who made this miniature mee poh beside me. She did it quite well but still need more practice in order to make a perfect one. She is a capable and busy lady and yet she comes to learn every Sunday (unless she got job or I am busy)

 So my dear friends, step by step , be patience! Passion  and Patience are the 2 keys to make a good miniature work, of course, concentrate on the object when doing also lead you to a perfect master piece....

 Thanks to those who made clay so that I can make so many lovely things. I love all miniatures ! Thanks to clay and everything that makes my miniature's world so wonderful! Let's have fun together with clay!

The 1st mee poh learned from me. The size is about 4.5cm in diameter

She got the right and nice colour for this dish.

she did the fish ball noodles soup last lesson

PS: she already finished her intermediate course (you can also visit her blog: Miss tamchiak , a local food blogger. )

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