Monday, September 5, 2011

Miniature hawker stall

I have made this miniature hawker stall recently and I really love it very much. This 60s - 70s hawker stall took me a few days to finish and this is the first time I made such a mini hawker stall.

From the pictures below, you will know that I have built several parts and joined them together . I make the miniature wooden tables, miniature wooden chairs , the miniature show case with 2 miniature clay chickens, noodles and others. Hope you like it.

The size is about 16cm x 16cm 

The chicken are hanging in the mini handmade show case ,I think the noodles can be made thinner next time

                                    The yellow tank is a container with soft drink.

                         a small wooden mini table with handmade clay lu dan and pork.

Side view

Back view

I am sorry the photos are not well taken. 

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