Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to my miniature outdoor party

You need to prepare a lot of things when you organize a party, right? I have to prepared a lot of miniature food for my miniature outdoor party too.

Look at the picture below, can you count/ tell  how many miniature food are there?
First I have to make a miniature table for the party than I prepared all the miniature food .

Miniature ice cream is my favorite and beside it is a mini cake on a tray.

You can learn to make this miniature outdoor party when you  finished basic and intermediate level.

At the left hand corner below , you can see my handmade mini tripod   and at the right hand corner I placed a lot of miniature fruits such as apples,(not shown on this picture)  honeydew, dragon fruit and banana (picture below) I also made 2 clay baskets because this is an outdoor party, basket is to carry all the food.

 Look at the 3 layers mini acrylic tray (bought online) below , it is so cute! and I have to made extra small miniature cakes and kueh in order to match the tray. I also made some miniature chicken wings for my outdoor party.

I have made 6 different types of miniature clay donuts in a  handmade mini box, 2 set of miniature  sandwiches in a mini handmade box too. I also made some miniature clay bread/tarts and placed them in a mini box.

You will learn how to make all these boxes too.

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