Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clay Food Model/ Replicas - Assam Sotong

I am not a professional food model maker but I try my best to make it as similar as possible as I treat every single piece of clay food/model  as an art piece, all handmade  with my passion and love.

PS: Food models/replicas are artificial or fake food for displaying purpose 

This is another piece of clay food model I have made it few weeks ago. I like it very much but not with me now.
If you want to see the real piece of art work, please visit Nex shopping centre 4f foodmall, Fu Xiang Kitchen. By the way, their food are really fantastic. ( I went to try the real food, curry chicken after I have made the models for them) .Try it , you will love it.

I also made a mini miniature clay food assam sotong on a mini plate for myself.

                         my handmade clay food model/mock up : Assam Sotong in hot plate.
                  This clay food replica/mock up is  Sotong with assam sauce in a hot metal plate.

This Assam Sotong clay food model consists of tomato  , spring onion, carrot slice , onion and lime. These are all made with clay, it is just a food sample/model  not for eating. just for display use.

This is the first time I use a real hot pan to make such a big clay food. It used up a lot of clay as the the food inside is quite big and also need to make more , in order to look tasty.

               From my finger at the left hand side, you can see how big is this clay food model.

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