Thursday, February 16, 2012

Donuts Lover

I have made this little donuts house yesterday. It is a mini shop selling miniature donuts & cakes. It is a good present for someone who love donuts very much.

This is a great valentine  present for your love one ( well, a bit too lit for valentine) but you can still can give this as a birthday present or other occasions.

      Do it you own , make the present more special and unique, decorate with your own ideas and let me help you to fulfill your dream house.

         From my hand, you can see how big is this cute little house. You can make whatever things you like to put into this little house/store.

                            From the side view to see this miniature donuts shop

          The miniature donuts are handmade by me and if you are interested in making this cute little house with other themes such as, pastries shop, handbag, japanese lamen shop etc, let me help you . Within 3 lessons you can bring back you handmade own sweet shop. (course fee will depends on what type of shop you want to make)

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