Monday, February 27, 2012

Nayab and her master piece

My student, Nayab is from India. She came to Singapore last year and is now working in Singapore . She loves miniature so much and used to use play dough to make fake food in India as clay is difficult to get in her country.

She learnt from basic and now she is able to make her own doll houses as showed below.

This is Nayab's first lesson and she has made her first piece of miniature art work." Happy Birthday"
             She is holding her master pieces : the Ancient Kitchen and the mini noodles stall.

she is concentrating on her mini stall 

She has made the miniature kitchen and she made some clay food and placed it on top.

Nayab and her master pieces

Top view of the ancient oven, she added some other miniature food at home beside what I have
 taught her.

This is the mini vision of my hawker stall. 

Step by step , you can also make your own stall like Nayab. 

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