Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clay Food Model/ Replicas - Curry Chicken

I love curry so much although I cannot eat too spicy food and curry chicken is always my first choice when buying 杂菜饭(mixed vegetable rice)

The picture below shows my handmade clay food : curry chicken. This is a real size curry chicken  ( slightly bigger than the real one) It looks good but so sorry cannot be eaten.

I will make the same design in miniature size for myself when I am not so busy. I cannot make the same thing twice because it is handmade,  every piece of my art work, no matter it is mini or big ,good or bad , it is the same to me as they are all made  from my heart and my both hands. I love them all!

                                     My handmade clay food:  curry chicken  

    From the top view of the clay food model , you can see the clay chicken , clay  potato and  clay curry   leaves

        The plate use for this clay food model is very big, so I have to make the clay food slightly bigger to match the plate.

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