Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miniature Ancient Hawker Stall

   I think you can still see this type of stall in China. I remembered I last seen it in Singapore when I was a little girl.
   The stall  Uncle usually carried 2 of them (without the table) and moved around the neighborhood to      
    sell his food.

To make this miniature doll house/stall, first, you need to have great patience than use the skill that you have learned in basic and intermediate courses to make the miniature clay food you want. Well, it takes up lot of time to built this stall but really fun and you will feel a great sense of fulfillment you ever have before.

I have also made a handle for the miniature stall so you can carry it around.

                      From the top view you can see my miniature clay food clearly.

    I will not sell my first piece of work (miniature hawker stall or other doll houses) and I will not repeat a second one unless there is a demand/custom made order.

              The most difficult item I think is the fake mini food Bazhang.( dumpling)

                        This mini hawker stall is selling some miniature clay kuehs and ice jelly. A mini wooden
      table is at the side of the stall.


                  The mini stall and mini tables are separated.

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