Friday, April 27, 2012

2D wawa (paper clay) (2)

On my last post you have seen my half done 2D wawa, right? I have already finished it and here it comes! I like to cover the face when making this type of wawa, so you cannot see the eyes. You can draw the eyes on the face if you like.

Paint the colour you want when the clay totally dried up. Decorate it. In this case, I paste the
 doll on a wooden  base and use it as a wall ornament.

              You can add on anything you like as long as they look beautiful with the wawa. I have make
              2  little hearts for it and a black board so you can leave you message on top!

              As the materials is paper clay, so the outlook will not not as smooth as Japanese clay.

                     Make a hook for the wall ornament , I used a ribbon string. Hope you like it!

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