Friday, April 6, 2012

Miniature Bar Chor Mee

Bar Chor mee (肉脞面)or minced pork noodles is always my favourite food ( I mean the real food).In my early stage of making fake food, I was so sad that I cannot make myself a miniature clay mee pok. I tried many methods and keep on practiced until I satisfied with my work.

I have made a few bowls of 20 cent coin clay miniature mee pok, I seldom make bar chor mee pok in so small size as it takes more time to do, my student ask me to make few at a time so I try. It is super  happy when you see five finish at a time.

          without the miniature watermelon at the size, sometime you can't tell whether the miniature food is
          real or fake.

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