Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miniature Laksa

Last blog I have introduced to you the three miniature food  laksa I have made. Actually I have done four of them. Here they are.

 Maybe these  Laksa do not look the same as the you have eaten before but  I just followed the images/photos they sent to me. I like them all as  as they are so unique and I only keep one of them ie, the Penang Laksa

Can you recognize these miniature food?  These are miniature food display clay food models , fake food.Cannot be eaten just for display and collection. I love them all!

This is miniature Singapore laksa

This is miniature Kelantan Laksa

                                            This is miniature Penang Laksa


                                                This is miniature Sarawak Laksa


  1. Your miniature clay food are all so beautiful !!!! I am mesmerized by your intricate handwork!