Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miniature Cakes

Do you know by watching all those miniature colorful cakes are son tempting! these mini cake  in the showcase can change you mood.  If you feel moody or unhappy just go to a cake shop and take a look at those beautiful cakes , your mood changed! (Don't stand too long or they will ask you to buy one)

I always stand for a while when I pass by a cake shop, to get some ideas and also thinking what types of cake should I want  next time for birthday.

Making miniature cakes consume a lot of time. because  you need to prepare a lot of toppings, icing and design etc.   I have finished all these cakes in few hours time. Hope you like it!

                                        Which miniature cake do you like most?

These are 1;12 scale miniature cakes

                                                 I love all these mini cakes!  Because I have made them all !

                I like my miniature cake model to be simple and neat . Prepare  all the toppings, miniature  
                     fruits( if you want a miniature fruit cake) fake peanuts etc before starting the cake.

                     The miniature wooden show case match the miniature cake models very well.

                             I bought the miniature showcase in Thailand few years ago.  

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