Sunday, August 25, 2013

Miniature Beer & Wine Bottle

It is not easy to handmake a miniature item that both size must be the same shape and  size, eg a bottle or  a pot.

I have handmade these beer and wine bottles , trying very hard to balance them, shape them many times in order to make the both size the same.

These are all my handmade miniature clay bottles.  They look very cute on a mini table.

As they are very very mini, I really cannot make a super mini cap for them!! Try a better cap next time.

From my hand, you can see how small they are.  

The shape of the wine bottle is a bit different from a beer bottle, did you notice?  Well, I know you can buy a machine made wine bottle easily, but I like to handmade my own bottles as I can have my own design on my bottle.

The Gxx brand beer bottle is a custom-made order. 

My handmade miniature Guinness stout  beer bottle.

My handmade miniature beer bottle and a glass of fake beer next to it.

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