Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Miniature Satay vs Miniature Steak

I like to make fake food especially the popular local dishes.  I have made a plate of miniature satay recently . Satay is one of the most popular choices among tourists when they are in Singapore,  it is a small bite -sized pieces of chicken, mutton  or beef steeped in a sweet -spicy sauce; if you prefer a big cut of meat , than a steak, pork chop or chicken chop will suit your taste.

Miniature satay & steak.  

I have made 2 bowl of miniature fake salad to go with the fake meat. 

The photo is not so well focus but hope you like it. I love the real satay too!

The 2 mini salad look very colourful and delicious.

My handmade miniature clay food: Steak and salad.

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