Friday, August 2, 2013

My little Mixed Rice Stall (杂菜饭档)

With a little bit of creative idea, I make use of the wooden stand which I did not use for  long time,  turn it into a mini mixed rice stall. It is quite easy to make the wooden stand, or you can buy one online.

My mini mixed rice stall, with 9 different types of food on the shelves.

These are my favourite food , curry chicken, fried fish, do fu , veggie and egg.

I did not make a big quantity of the food  but it will look much nicer if you filled up the "square" (shelves) with more food.

Food that usually sell at mixed rice stall..

三层肉批plus 鲁蛋

Make you favourite food and placed them on the shelf and sell .

My handmade clay food.

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